Hope In That Moment 

I blew it. For nine days I was calm. For nine days I spoke in a soothing and kind tone of voice. For nine days I faced the beast with compassion. Then on the tenth consecutive day of the screaming, flailing, kicking, shrieking, hours-long, full blown melting down tantrum, I finally succumbed to frustration. I may or may not have slammed a door. I may or may not have yelled something about being at the end of my rope. I may or may not have gushed ugly tears in a river of snot.

As I sat in my bathroom…

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Answering the Call 

 Since answering the call to foster parenting, Scott and I have cared for more than 20 foster children in our home. I have chronicled our journey in the book  'Answering the Call' which will be available for purchase in 2019. In this blog, I've included from the book, the introduction. Please read it with an open heart and maybe even a tissue.

"The stories contained in this book are all true. I lived them and have recounted them to the best of my ability. Foster parents are bound by confidentiality…

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